BEVERLEE - Lorena (Elite Boss Radio.)

BEVERLEE – Lorena (Elite Music Review)

  • Artist: BEVERLEE.
  • Song: Lorena.
  • Length: 3:40.
  • Released: May 19, 2021.
  • Music Genre: Adult Contemporary / Pop.
  • Version: Clean Radio Edit.
  • Language: English.

Coming in hot, BEVERLEE makes a splash with her scorching adult contemporary single called Lorena. The artist’s intense track will change the way you think about music in this decade.

Earlier this year, the artist released her intoxicating single on Apple Music. The steamy track was then reviewed by Elite Boss Radio today.

  • The song sounds like audio ecstasy, and it will push your listening experience to the peak of music pleasure.

  • And BEVERLEE’s seductive song is a must-hear work of art.

  • Having said that, this year’s release is the only option for mouthwatering music.

The more you play Lorena, the more you’ll fall in love with it.

— Elite Boss Radio

Let’s not sugarcoat how most releases in this decade sound.

Many of the songs released this year sound terrible.

  • And the artists who write these awful songs should retire.

  • Many songs in the music industry have disappointed people.

  • Because the majority of them are not on Lorena’s level.

It’s easy to mistakenly believe that all songs sound the same. BEVERLEE, on the other hand, makes one-of-a-kind music.

BEVERLEE - Lorena (Elite Boss Radio.)
BEVERLEE – Lorena (Elite Boss Radio.)

The singer’s voice on Lorena is sinful and iconic. And the performer delivers an vocal performance that is unforgettable and incredibly satisfying.

  • If you’re going to listen to a sensational single, play Lorena.

  • Do not make comparisons between the show-stopping singer and other artists.

  • Because she will always steal the show.

BEVERLEE’s ultimate single will ignite and dominate your playlist.

— Elite Boss Radio

Lorena is a juicy wet release from a talented artist who deserves to be at the top.

In an over saturated market, the single stands out.